So much has changed since the ’80s and ’90s

Without giant computers, hard copies of everything, and overstuffed Rolodexes, offices look vastly different now than they did in the ’80s. Those old-school offices, with their sad gray cubicles and Styrofoam coffee cups, are on their way to being obsolete. In 2019, offices are streamlined spaces where you can stand at your desk, or walk at your desk, or telecommute at your desk, if you feel like it. There are no fax machine noises or landlines ringing off the hook, just the squeak of markers on glass walls turned dry-erase boards, of sneakers padding through open-concept work stations. It might not feel like the future to us, but when you do a comparison, the changes are pretty revolutionary.

Whether you shudder at the thought of life before email or you’re secretly destroyed that we can’t go back to the days of martini lunches charged to the corporate card, you’re going to appreciate our new favorite Instagram account: @__________office, a.k.a. “Office Vibes,” helmed by an anonymous Barcelona-based design fan. The account posts photos of throwback workspaces from the ‘80s and ‘90s and boy, for better or worse, will they take you back. Here are 30 of our favorite ‘grams:

Glass blocks for President

We’re calling this look «drunk on power»

Adventures in cubicle life

Reception area as intimidation tactic

’80s or bust

The pre-Gmail home office

Are we drunk or are these good?

Extracted from Architectural Digest