We love The Morning Blend. Every once in a while, when someone cancels at the last minute and The Morning Blend has five minutes to fill, we drop by The Morning Blend and talk about whatever. Sometimes we talk about upcoming shows. Sometimes we talk about fishing. Today, we talked about dead malls.

Yes, in case you missed our recent pieces on the redeveloping Bayshore mall and the eerily empty Forest Mall in Fond du Lac, now you can enjoy them in morning-talk-show form. Watch as Milwaukee Record‘s own Matt Wild (that’s me) shows some pictures of dead malls, waxes philosophical about dead malls, and owns up to being a huge dork who read Dragonlance novels as a kid. No surprises there.

Thanks, as always, to executive producer Kim Buchanan, hosts Molly Fay and Tiffany Ogle, and the entire crew. It’s a great day to shine.

Extracted from Milwaukee Record